BCC IT helps Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru to implement a resilient IT infrastructure that meets their specific needs

As an organisation grows, its IT needs evolve. What worked well in the first few years can suddenly become an inhibitor to future development. For smaller organisations, that do not have or need a full time IT professional on their staff, this can quickly become a major problem if a suitable external partner cannot be found.

Founded in 2003, Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru – the Welsh-language national theatre of Wales, creates innovative main stage theatre and ambitious productions in surprising locations at the heart of communities throughout Wales and beyond. It presents a varied programme of work that reflects the dynamic culture of Wales and that resonates with other nations and cultures throughout the world.

Since its inception, the theatre had not needed to network its computers, but used them stand alone, as Angharad Leefe, Executive Director, explained. “In 2012 we realised that what had served us well for the first years of our existence now needed to change to be able to support the exciting developments we had planned for the theatre. Having looked after the IT ourselves up to that point, we knew we needed to find a partner who we could trust and rely on to help us develop our IT infrastructure and move forward.”

Virtual Private Network

The theatre eventually chose BCC IT. “We were impressed with their track record,” said Angharad. “That, together with their experience of helping smaller organisations like ourselves and their willingness to do whatever was necessary to solve our problems were what influenced us in our decision.”

Initially BCC IT consultants reviewed the theatre’s current IT setup and then took the time to understand what would be required for the future. This enabled them to recommend the implementation of a new on premise Windows Server to allow information sharing across the theatre’s staff. This setup would provide the necessary flexibility that the theatre’s staff needed, as Angharad explained.

“Because we are a touring company, some of our staff need to access their programs and data stored at our main site remotely. To facilitate this, BCC IT setup a virtual private network that allows for secure and easy access from wherever they happen to be working at the time. Now, all our users are never more than a few clicks away from accessing their emails and files.”

Offsite backup service

Many smaller organisations neglect to consider the impact a server failure can have on their operations, with the subsequent loss of key data and disruption to day-to-day activities. Suddenly not being able to access critical files and emails can have a catastrophic outcome. Many of those that actually do make arrangements to counter this by taking backups, fail to check the integrity of these and only find out they are corrupt or have not worked properly when it is too late. To ensure that Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru was not faced with such a situation, BCC IT setup an offsite backup service.

“Now, we know that if we ever have a server failure, or suffer another type of catastrophic event that impacts our IT, BCC IT will be able to have us back up and running within a few hours,” said Angharad.

Remote monitoring and dial-in to solve problems

“The quality of the service that BCC IT provides has been exceptional,” concluded Angharad. “With no dedicated member of staff to look after our IT, it is important to us that we can resolve our IT issues without needing to be a technical expert.

“BCC IT staff speak to us in a non-technical language and explain what they are doing and why. Due to the remote monitoring and dial-in capability they have setup on our network, they are able to solve many problems before we are even aware of them. When they do need to send a member of their staff out to us, their dedication in locating and solving the problem is exemplary. 

“As well as supporting our IT systems, they are always ready to give advice and recommendations about what would be best for the Theatre’s IT going forward. This means we are regularly made aware of new technologies that can help us, without needing to constantly read the IT press to find out what’s going on.

“Because of this, I feel confident that we have made the right choice in initially partnering with BCC IT and that they will be able to look after all our IT needs going forward for many years.”

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“Now, I know that whenever there is an IT problem, there is someone at the end of the phone who will help us fix it. The peace of mind this give is invaluable and allows us to continue with our jobs without having to worry about becoming an IT expert.”

Angharad Leefe, Executive Director

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