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As wireless networking technology improves and trends such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) continue to grow, the need for wireless solutions capable of handling the demands of the modern business world has dramatically risen.

The increasing capability and availability of new wireless devices, coupled with high expectations from users for internet access wherever they are means demands on wireless networks are set to rise.


What we offer

If you are new to wireless networks

Wireless networking is a flexible solution which can be deployed virtually anywhere allowing your employees or guests to roam without the constraints of being hard-wired into the network infrastructure.


  • BCC can seamlessly integrate a wireless LAN (both internally and externally) into your existing network infrastructure, providing your organisation with a high-speed secure network that will enable your workforce and guests to become fully mobile.
  • Your wireless networking requirements may include a single, secure wireless network for your employees, plus a separate guest wireless network. This could be extended to include multiple buildings across your site/premises using point-to-point wireless trunks, or even linking multiple sites up to 10Km provided they have a line-of-sight.
  • BCC can also provide a managed wireless payment gateway solution, whereby you lease wireless Internet access to your guests/customers through chargeable wireless hotspots – which can generate revenue as well as attract visitors to your organisation.




If you already have installed a wireless network

For many businesses, their existing wireless networks solutions were designed and built several years ago. As a result they often fall short and require significant upgrade in order to meet the current demands of high density coverage over large areas. This upgrade work can be as complex as a new installation and requires expertise and experience to deliver.


What to expect from us

A wireless network brings many advantages to an organisation, but at the same time can be complex to design and difficult to manage; with security implications which can give rise to vulnerability.

BCC can design and implement your wireless network and also assume responsibility for your network management. This ensures you have a secure/scalable network that covers: workplace, branch, venue and remote access environments, with high performance modular controllers and indoor/outdoor access points all with security and access control.

To ensure you are provided with the system that is right for you we adopt a thorough process:

  1. BCC will visit your premises to carry out a survey.
  2. During the survey a number of questions will be asked to get a full understanding of what is required.
  3. Once the survey has been completed a quotation will be provided explaining all the works that be carried out.
  4. Once the quotation is approved BCC’s highly trained engineers will then carry out the installation in a discreet and non-disruptive manner to ensure your business is not disturbed.

Contact us today to arrange your survey.








Providing WiFi for a caravan park is not like providing WiFi for a hotel. The signal has to be replicated wirelessly over a large rural site of many acres. Having worked with BCC for a number of years, and trusting their expertise and product knowledge, we proposed a joint venture with them where we would share the risks and the benefits. They subsequently designed and implemented a new wireless system that would reach even the most remote parts of our sites."


"Customer usage is now based on data, in a similar fashion to how you consume data on a mobile phone. So, when the allowance is used up our customers need to buy a new block of data to carry on. This also gives them the flexibility to purchase a block of data at the start of their holiday and then use it how best it suited them during their stay.

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Vale Holiday Parks

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