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From start-ups to large enterprises – your organisation can take advantage of our award winning IT support services and highly efficient Service Desk. This will ensure that your IT and communications drive you forward to success – leave IT to us.

The range of BCC’s support services encompasses all business needs. Whether you simply require an IT expert on call, or you have an existing IT department which would benefit from additional expertise or even if your requirements have grown to result in a need for a fully outsourced IT department.



What we offer


Outsourced IT – All the benefits of an internal IT team at a fraction of the cost. This level of service includes unlimited onsite & remote support, along with proactive maintenance and active monitoring - you’ll have full peace of mind that your systems are safe, secure and compliant. An emphasis is placed on partnership with BCC’s Outsourced IT which also includes strategic IT advice and guidance as part of the service.


Onsite Support – Fixed cost support that takes away IT headaches, improves productivity and helps you grow – this is a perfect choice to supplement your existing internal IT department. Let your internal IT make the strategic decisions knowing that they have the whole BCC IT team to back them up. This offering includes unlimited onsite & remote support sessions as well as proactive maintenance and active monitoring.


Remote Support – Rapid response remote support that has your business covered. Resolve IT issues fast with unlimited remote IT support supplied to any site in the world with an adequate internet connection.


What to expect from us

At the core, BCC focus support on helping your organisation overcome technological barriers which can reduce profitability, such as downtime or data loss. At the highest level, BCC’s support can provide the IT foundations which will allow you to put principles in place which set you apart from competitors.

Whichever level of support you prefer, BCC will maximise the relationship by tailoring the package to your exact requirements with a fixed-fee financing model.

Get in contact now to discuss your options and if you decide a BCC support contract is for you then we will get the ball rolling by performing an audit of your systems.








As our needs have evolved and our IT requirements matured, BCC have always been on hand to advise and help us make the right choices. They have been with us every step of the way from when we first had a 56K modem to helping us move to servers then onto NAS drives and now utilising the cloud to improve our business efficiency. This coupled with the comprehensive service they provide means that we now rely on them wholly for IT support. Our proactive onsite support agreement ensures that if they cannot solve a problem remotely they guarantee to get someone onsite to fix it. This gives us complete peace of mind.

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