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A telephone system is still an important communication tool for businesses. It enables organisations to communicate effectively with customers and deliver high standards of customer service. Swift, clear and precise communication is the foundation of any business operation. Whether you are discussing a project with a colleague, pitching to a client, or negotiating with suppliers; a resilient communication platform will help you sell more and get more done.


What we offer

BCC provide IP-based business phone systems with low cost calls and line rental. We understand that each business will need a different phone solution. From the smallest one-desk setup all the way through to a communication platform which unifies all aspects of a modern user - connecting desk phones, PCs and mobiles.

BCC can offer these packages in a scalable, monthly, hosted financing model, or a single-payment dedicated onsite hardware system. 


IP Phone system key benefits

  • Easier to install and configure than a traditional analogue or digital system
  • Easier to manage via Web/GUI based interface
  • Eliminate phone wiring by using standard network cabling
  • Significant cost savings using VoIP providers
  • Scalable with your workforce
  • Allows hot desking and roaming


What to expect from us

We offer 2 main types of telephone solution:

Dedicated onsite hardware system

A dedicated onsite hardware system involves the deployment of multiple telephone handsets (across different offices if required) all connected to a physical hardware controller which is housed at one particular site. Connections between offices are made through the Internet and are secured using dedicated firewall devices in each office. 

Hosted VoIP business phone system

Physically, a hosted phone system is similar to its onsite variant except the controlling hardware is located in BCC’s secure data centre. The system is financed on a per-user monthly rental charge which can be scaled as your business requirements change. The physical handsets can be moved from location to location and as long as there is a stable Internet connection they will seamlessly integrate into the system – retaining their extension number, voicemail and other communication features.

This hosted system can also incorporate existing mobile devices, meaning you can have a virtual version of your desk phone when on the move. This helps with contact management, scheduling and most importantly reduces mobile phone billing, as calls are routed through the virtual desk phone application on the smartphone.

BCC can provide all lines and associated infrastructure to enable the phone system to meet your requirements, as well as security to protect you from Phreaking (toll fraud, dial-through fraud and hacking).  This is supplemented by BCC’s ISP services (broadband, fibre, domains, Web hosting, FTP, etc.) to give you a complete package.

The intricacies of a telephone system are vast, so if you’re looking for a business phone system then please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements and options.








It makes life a lot easier now that BCC manage our telephone system as well. It now means we have a one-stop shop for all our hardware, software and communication systems requirements. And, as BCC fully understand our business needs we know everything will work together seamlessly.”

Edna Holmes

Rhyal Engineering

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