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Information Technology (IT): is the use of any computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data.

Source: www.techtarget.com


IT can increase your efficiency, performance and ultimately your profit!

IT can also reduce your profit if it’s not planned, deployed or managed correctly.

BCC ensure that IT has a positive effect on your business

It’s no different to any other business process - using it well will add value to your company.

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BCC History

BCC IT had humble beginnings in 1987, operating from Blaenachddu Farm as Blaenachddu Computer Centre. The Company championed customer satisfaction with the slogan: “Some may equal our price, but none can equal our service.” Growth by referral and reputation saw BCC IT become the largest computer services supplier in West Wales in the 90’s.

2002 saw the most significant step in BCC IT’s history, a strategy change saw them shift focus almost entirely to the business segment after securing exclusive premises that included Technical Workshops and a Helpdesk facility. This fresh approach went hand-in-hand with a name change to BCC IT Solutions – although this didn’t mean a shift away from the Welsh language as BCC continue to provide bilingual support today.

BCC maintained the ‘referral & reputation’ approach to acquiring new business throughout these transitional years and saw steady growth even through the economic downturn of the late 00's. During this time BCC IT’s client base expanded to cover new parts of the UK, including organisations of various sizes in almost every commercial sector.

In a recent strategic advancement, BCC IT doubled the size of its premises and adopted a new marketing plan to supplement the continually successful ‘referral & reputation’ policy. Dropping ‘Solutions’ from the trading name marked a new era for BCC IT; in which an emphasis was placed on consolidating the BCC IT brand and presenting the Company with a presence that reflects the values that have been so painstakingly constructed over the years. This new approach ensures BCC IT can continue helping businesses realise their visions and goals for years to come.

BCC IT Values

Quality of Service - Quality is central to our business operations and reputation.  It is what our customers are most likely to witness, reflect upon and remember us by. We value our customers and delivering quality that meets, or ideally exceeds expectations in every aspect of our service and support to those customers is of paramount importance to us. 
Innovation - We attempt to stay at the forefront of technology – providing our customers the most up to date solutions and systems.  We regularly invest heavily in both time and financial aspects of our business to ensure we are suitably informed, skilled and equipped.
Going the extra mile - Whether it’s our engineers working overnights or our R & D team performing research in their own time to keep abreast of the newest technologies, BCC IT champion the added-extra service model.  In an industry with a bad reputation for passing-the-buck we pride ourselves on providing a single-point-of-contact to our customers, liaising with their other suppliers to avoid end-users having to do so themselves.
Flexibility - We provide a fully personalised system to each customer – negligible “off-the-shelf” packages.
Hard Work - Our staff are committed and enjoy the challenge of providing a great service to our customers throughout the day.  Whilst being very proud of our staff’s commitment and work ethics, we believe a good work/life balance is extremely important.  With this in mind we are proud to offer modern working practices that enable staff work around family and personal commitments.
Undivided attention - Here at BCC IT each customer interaction has our full attention throughout, we never dilute the quality of our service by trying to juggle too much. 
Welsh Language - We provide end-to-end IT sales & support in the Welsh language.  Our directors regularly contribute to Welsh language TV and Radio programs discussing the latest technologies.  We have a fully bilingual website, tweet in both English and Welsh and ensure that the vast majority of our marketing is bilingual. 

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