A CCTV security camera system is a must-have for many modern businesses to monitor and protect property from theft and damage. BCC can supply you with security camera solutions that give you immediate visual access to the movement of people, staff or visitors and to monitor stock, loading and machine operation.


What we offer

Whether you require a simple CCTV system with one or two cameras, or a more complex security system, the BCC team have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the system best suited for your requirements.

  • High resolution 720p colour images come as standard, as well as comprehensive management through advanced storage, retrieval and monitoring functions.
  • The pro camera technology offers full HD 1080p image clarity both in daylight and at night, as well as 3x optical zoom ensuring your solution captures the images you require.
  • A range of mounting options are available, from ceilings to poles as well as a discreet micro-camera which can be magnetically mounted to a metal surface and connects through a Wi-Fi network.
  • We also offer a comprehensive CCTV camera maintenance service contract where required.


A properly designed and installed system is an effective deterrent to the would-be criminal. The camera images also provide visible evidence of wrongdoing which is stored so it can easily be passed to officials such as the Police. BCC’s systems have the ability to be monitored remotely on any device with an Internet connection anywhere in the world!


BCC’s CCTV range includes:

  • Standalone CCTV systems
  • Remotely monitored CCTV systems
  • Infrared CCTV
  • High Definition (1080) CCTV
  • High Resolution (720) CCTV
  • Discreet micro-camera CCTV
  • IP CCTV (utilising your IT network to minimise cabling)


What to expect from us

To ensure you are provided with the system that is right for you we adopt a thorough process:

  1. BCC will visit your premises to carry out a survey.
  2. During the survey a number of questions will be asked to get a full understanding of what is required.
  3. Once the survey has been completed a quotation will be provided explaining all the works that be carried out.
  4. Once the quotation is approved BCC’s highly trained engineers will then carry out the installation in a discreet and non-disruptive manner to ensure your business is not disturbed.


Businesses and organisations that process and collect CCTV images on their premises are required to register and comply with the Data Protection Act and its Code of Practice. BCC can help you comply with this legislation through training workshops and consultancy services.


For a free no-obligation survey and quotation please get in touch.







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