BCC IT helps Deutscheparts to increase turnover by implementing new IT system

IT has been the great enabler for every size of business over the last few decades. For larger organisations, with their own in-house IT departments to take care of things, the evolution of their IT systems to cope with business change has been pretty straightforward. But, for smaller companies, where the owner or senior staff have to look after the IT, as well as do their own job, life can sometimes be fraught.

We all use electricity, where we can just turn on a switch, or put in a plug and it works without us needing to be an electrician. So, you would think that in the 21st Century that your IT systems would just work, without you needing an in-house expert. Sadly, we are still some years away from IT becoming such a utility. This means that in the meantime, smaller businesses must still solve this problem to ensure IT remains an enabler and not a barrier to growth.

Power surges causing damage to IT systems

Such a situation was faced by Deutscheparts, located in Herefordshire. Trading for 12 years, they supply VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda and VW Commercial vehicle spare parts. All the items they sell are genuine and original equipment parts and accessories.

Noel Vance, Managing Director of Deutscheparts, takes up the story. “We had been running the business for a number of years on a home-built system that I put together. Whilst it worked fine, the part of the country we are in suffers a lot from power surges and these kept taking down our system, eventually causing terminal damage to the server and severe business disruption as a result.”

Noel came to the conclusion that to ensure the continued success of his business he would need professional help. After a chance encounter at a school reunion in 2015 with Hywel Ifans, Managing Director of BCC IT, Noel commissioned BCC IT to help.

Complete project management service

“The BCC IT consultants came out to evaluate what we needed now and also what we would require in the future,” said Noel. “This enabled them to give us a detailed specification of the system we would require and ensure that the stock management software, which is central to our business, could be kept operational.”

“I was really impressed with the way the BCC IT consultants worked,” said Noel. “The whole project took some 6-8 weeks to build install and this included the necessary new cabling as well as migrating the data from our old system. They ensured everything worked smoothly and caused us minimum disruption to our business whilst it was going on.”

Removing the burden of supporting IT

Now that the new system has been installed for some time, Noel has been able to see the benefits of his investment across the business. “They have removed the burden of maintaining and supporting IT from me,” he said. “This frees me up to run the business without having to worry about something going wrong with our IT.

“Our support contract, together with the remote log-in capabilities that BCC IT have installed, means that in many cases they have discovered and fixed problems we have not been aware of and so avoided any interruption to our day-to-day business.

“They are really good to work with as they provide an all-encompassing service that means we can rely on our IT systems just working without us having to bother about being experts in the technology we are using. Their attention to detail and customer service are second to none. On one occasion, we had a faulty network switch port. They sent an engineer on a five hour round journey to resolve it to ensure we were not inconvenienced.”

Deutscheparts selling more now that IT headache has been removed

“Probably the best thing I can say about what BCC IT has done for us, is that our new IT system and their support has allowed us to sell more,” concluded Noel. “Before, I was regularly being interrupted to fix things and with the problems caused by power surges, everyone across the business was impacted. The new IT systems have certainly professionalised an area of our business that was a bottle-neck to our growth and stability.

“Now, we know we can rely on our IT system to just work. On the odd occasion that we have had a problem, a call to BCC IT will get us a quick resolution. I am reassured that they are looking after our IT and feel confident that as our business continues to grow, they will be able to help us ensure that our investment in IT is the enabler it should be.”

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“Our support contract, together with the remote log-in capabilities that BCC IT have installed, means that in many cases they have discovered and fixed problems we have not been aware of and so avoided any interruption to our day-to-day business.”

Noel Vance, Managing Director 

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