Newcastle Emlyn community gains a defibilarator

Thursday, 12 January 2017

BCC IT and Microhpharm community support

IT company and pharmaceutical manuafacturer come together with a life saver.

Newcastle Emlyn has a new defibrillator located on Station Road thanks to the support of two local businesses. IT company BCC IT and pharmaceutical manufacturer Micropharm have come together to gift the lifesaving equipment to the community.

Logistic Administration Technician of Micropharm Jill Perry approached Hywel Ifans, Managing Director of BCC IT to see if they would be interested in collaboratively purchasing the important lifesaving equipment for the benefit of the local community. 

Hywel had no hesitation in supporting the proposal and has helped with half of the purchase cost.  BCC IT have also allowed for the kit to be installed and powered on their business premises.

Several members of staff from both BCC IT and Micropharm have been trained to use the kit.

Steven Mason, Director of BCC IT said,

“We know how important a piece of equipment like this can be.  The Defibrillator is designed to assist people who may have a heart attack and we are proud to gift to the community such a vital piece of equipment, knowing that when needed, every second counts.”

It is housed in a bright yellow cabinet and is easy to see and use.  It is also compatible with machines used by the ambulance service. Clear instructions are printed on the front of the cabinet next to the keypad for people to follow in case of an emergency.

There are other defibrillator installed in town but not in the Aberarad area.

Professor John Landon, Founder and Chairman of Micropharm said

“People can feel a lot safer now that there is access to a defibrillator at this end of the town. It is visible from the main road and easily accessible in an emergency.”

Hywel Ifans, Jill Perry and Mayor Odette Little

Staff from Micropharm and BCC IT with Mayor Odette Little


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